Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Fall Semester Began

My fall semester began on the 19th of August. I now get to walk all over campus where my classes this summer were entirely online. I've been clocking around 2 miles a day on my FitBit which is exciting. By the time our Hawaii trip comes around I'll be in better shape than I am now. 
I haven't had time to really think of any lesson plans but I am really enjoying my classes. Today I met a girl from my MWF French Class who is also going to be an elementary teacher. She's in the same boat I'm in, in that she has to take another semester before she can graduate as well. It was refershing to run into someone who is experiencing the same thing that I am. 
The next class I have is Elementary Programs and Practices. The classroom layout is similar to an elementary school and it's fueling my desire to be a teacher. Every time I go to that class I am reminded of how much fun teaching will be. 

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