Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Busy Bee

Junior year is no joke. I'm thrilled that I'm this close to graduating, but I'm also extremely busy! Spring Break starts next week and I feel like I am going to sleep for days. Maybe then I can finally update the blog layout and possibly move everything over to Wordpress. As user friendly as blogger is, I did read that Google can decide at any time to end the Blogger service and delete all of my blog history (not like I'd lose much, but. I really want to get back into blogging more often). Maybe a clean slate is a good idea? Getting used to Wordpress will take some time - it's very different. I'm still trying to figure out the layout for my blog and get everything exactly how I want it. When I do, I'll link it here. Regarding my junior year, I'm doing great. I'm excited that by this time next year I'll be in my final internship. At the suggestion of my Field Experience classroom teacher I am going to read up on Kagan's small group principles. Next week, I'm reading A Boy and a Jaguar to a group of second graders. We're going to talk about stuttering and write about what our favorite part of the story (or our favorite thing about the author) is. The students are also putting on a "wax museum" to dress up like a person they read a biography about. I love these kids!

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